Single-use sterile skin sensitizing puncture needles
Designed specially for skin prick tests
The skin prick test, also known as the puncture test or scratch test, can simultaneously detect allergic reactions to as many as 50 different substances. This test is commonly used to determine whether the subject is allergic to pollen, mold, pet dander, dust mites and food.
Product Advantages
Ordering Information
Product code Specification Appliance Standard Package
01-0539 Chip Spike Type Micro blood collection for some
routine blood tests
Packing of 5-piece tablets
200 tablets/box, 2,000 tablets/ctn.
(Can be packed according to customer's requirements)

Disposable sterile skin test sensitization needle

Please read the product manual carefully or purchase and use under the guidance of medical staff, contraindications or precautions are detailed in the instruction manual

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