Disposable Lancing Device(Press Plus model)
One-step pressure-activated lancing for safety, lightness and efficiency

New design of double-spring, sufficient blood volume and low pain

Cap pulling and pressing for blood collection, one-handed operation is also possible

Comply with hospital-acquired infection requirements, the shell can be sprayed with expiration date/lot number.

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Ordering Information
Color Product code Specification Puncture Depth Reference Blood Standard Package
05-233018 30G 1.8mm 100 Pcs/box
1,000 Pcs/Ctn
05-232818 28G 1.8mm
05-232618 26G 1.8mm
05-232118 21G 1.8mm
05-232122 21G 2.2mm
05-231818B 18G Knife Needle 1.8mm


1. The larger the number of the product specification, the finer the steel needle; the smaller the number, the thicker the steel needle.

2. The left side only lists the common specifications of the products, if you need other specifications, please contact us for inquiry.

3. The specification of the blood collection device and the metric size of the outer diameter are from GB 18457-2015 (equivalent to ISO 9626:1991, MOD). The G in the specification is Gauge wire gauge specification.

4. The same specification of the terminal blood collector can have products with different penetration depths, such as the same 21G blood collector, the penetration depth can have a variety of options, should be based on the test items to choose the appropriate blood collector.

Please read the instructions carefully or under the guidance of medical personnel to purchase and use, contraindications or precautions described in the instructions.

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