Disposable Lancing Device(Lite3 model)
Press-button lancing - the best-selling model in Europe and America
Initial positioning followed by blood drawing, activated by side button, reduces fingertip pressure and relieves patient anxiety
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Color Product Code Specifications Puncture Depth Reference Blood Standard Packaging
05-113018 30G 1.8mm 100 Pcs/box
1,000 Pcs/Ctn
05-112818 28G 1.8mm
05-112618 26G 1.8mm
05-112118 21G 1.8mm
05-111720B 17G knife needle 2.0mm


1. The larger the specification number of the product, the thinner the steel needle; The lower the number, the thicker the steel needle.

2. Only the common specifications of the product are listed on the left side, if you need other specifications, please contact our company for inquiry.

3. The correspondence between the specifications of the blood collection device and the metric dimensions of the outer diameter comes from GB 18457-2015 (equivalent to ISO 9626:1991, MOD). The G in the specification is the gauge gauge specification.

4. The same specification of peripheral blood collection can have different puncture depth products, such as the same 21G blood lancing, the puncture depth can have a variety of options, should choose the appropriate blood lancing according to the test items.

Please read the product manual carefully or purchase and use under the guidance of medical staff, please refer to the manual for contraindicated content or precautions.

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