Pen Needles
Injection safety and comfort are the top priorities for Hextra Tech.

1、"Hextra Tech" hub design improves injection stability and reduces needle bending or breakage risk.

2、The skin contact surface is 12x larger than a standard needle, ensuring optimal depth control, which reduces injection risk and improves overall glycemic control.

3、Inner and outer needle covers are larger and more ergonomically-friendly to accommodate all users.

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Ordering Information
Color Reorder # Needle gauge Needle length Standard Package
02-3204 32G needle 4mm 100 pcs/box
2,000 pcs/case
02-3105 31G needle 5mm
02-3106 31G needle 6mm

1. Needle gauge refers to the size of the needle. The higher the gauge, the thinner the needle;

2. Please contact our sales person if you have special requests for an unique size.

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