Pen Needles
Austenite Extra-Thin-Walled Technology shortens injection time and makes injection easier.

1、Cobalt-60 radiation sterilization leaves no chemical residue, ensuring a clean and safe injection.

2、A resilient and ultra-sharp needle reduces pain and increases injection comfort.

3、Medical silicone lubrication of both ends of the needle, lasting lubrication, for a more comfortable injection experience

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Ordering Information
Color Reorder # Needle gauge Needle length Standard Package
01-3204 32G needle 4mm 100 pcs/box
2,000 pcs/case
01-3105 31G needle 5mm
01-3106 31G needle 6mm

1. Needle gauge refers to the size of the needle. The higher the gauge, the thinner the needle;

2. Please contact our sales person if you have special requests for an unique size.

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